Plan your stay in the Pallars and enjoy discounts for just being stay at the hostel. Then choose your activities:


Territorium. historical tours and recreational activities with Territorium. Highly recommended for families.

 Link: Phone: 655051469

Guided tours of the Villa de Talarn, visits can meet a very historic town. For more information:

Link: Phone: 973 65 08 12

Carbonated Museum. It enjoys a visit to the Museum of Talarn carbonated and rediscover the most authentic and genuine drinks.

Tel: 654 89 45 14

Museum Shops Salas de Pallars. Transported in time with a visit to the old establishments Salas. Very curious and fun.

Link: phone: 973 676 266

Roques Pelades. The Iban and Amanda will understand and know better the world of beekeeping and its importance. very sweet experience.

Phone: 625562571



FREEBLOC. And mountain climbing guide. Salvador you can enjoy the best and experienced mountain guide and climbing. The best hands.

Link: phone: 649 195 958

Vall Fosca guides. Perform canyoning, rafting, mountain biking, rally & enduro, archery, … with the best guides in the Vall Fosca. Activities for the whole family.

Link: phone: 626 532 511

Piolet Xperience. Kayaks, gullies, … and then cooled scenery and enjoying good music by the lake.

Link: phone: 678 958 928



You know that we are an area of ​​special interest estrelar observation. Marvel at the sky.

Celístia Pyrenees . Observation activities with the best human and technical equipment. A unique and highly recommended experience.

Link : phone: 630 666 044

C.O.U. In the Universe Observation Centre Park Montsec you can enjoy the best observation from Ager Valley and its nature museum .

Link : Phone : 973 05 30  22


Dinosaurs and Geology  

We are in an area of ​​special geological and archaeological interest. Thousands of years concentrated here.

Museo de la Conca. Visit the Jurassic remains and amazed with the beings who lived in the Pallars thousands of years ago.


Geopark. Lovers of rock strata and minerals! This is your Mecca!



We return to retrieve the wine world in the area with wineries and wines for every palate. Visit farms and in love with our blood of the earth. Guided Tour to the municipal warehouse. Talarn know through our guides. Many wineries hide the people?

Castle Encus Our vineyards at 1,000 meters (Talarn), with fermentation in ancient stone wine presses, wine and make this place a privileged and magical setting.

Visits with tasting on Fridays from 11am to 15pm and Saturdays from 11am to 14pm.

Located in Bodega Villa Corona Vilamitjana (Pallars Jussà) in a semi buried ship dating from 1993, surrounded by 10 hectares of vineyard.

Visits with tasting on Saturdays from 9h to 13h

Sauvella On the slopes of the village of Orcau, a castle guarded by a thousand years, are the vineyards of Sauvella. Be sure to visit this Dutch family and its connection to this land.

Visits: Saturdays. Subsequent tasting.

Bodega Mas Garcia Muret New winery in Llimiana. Offering stunning views of Lake Winery



Lakes Train: tour from Lleida train. It enjoys natural spaces with a railway adventure.


Quadre Horaris Equipaments TARDOR 2016 PJussà – Projecte Geoparc