Get there Lakes Train

Lakes Train (Pobla de Segur-Santa Engracia-TALARN)

We invite you to make a very special outing .

I must say that this route makes a detour in the area, can shorten the route down in Tremp and walking for 20 minutes along the forest track that will take you to Talarn .

You can also do it from the Pobla de Segur to Talarn bordering the lake.


Journey time: 6 hours + 90 min. Train Journey

Difficulty: Easy

We left the station of Lleida towards the Pobla de Segur to train lakes.This first stage of our output is pastoral, as we go through all the lakes Pallaresa Noguera and Pallars Jussà, crossing the Montsec of Ares. Old railway transported the machine, now modernized with oil, and their cars, send us back in time.Once arrived to La Pobla de Segur have two options to get to Talarn, one is bordering the lake Aramunt or the other is going Salas Pallars address. We here we recommend the second option, since you can enjoy a stretch of lake and forest Pallars after the best viewpoints in the area.So we head rooms Pallars by the C-13. Puebla in Salàs we can do it all or do so following the road along the shore of the reservoir of San Antonio to the Piolet Experience (open in the summer season in theaters and right next to the reservoir local). From here we will go to the town of Salas de Pallars.Salas Pallars is a small town with many historical resources, where we visit ancient village shops now operating as a museum.We go to Santa Engracia on the path of Seix located in the Raval del Valle.This stretch of the route is uneven strength but is very nice to do, since we started delve through the woods and halfway Santa Engracia find a water point (the source of hunters) where we take a break.Continuing up the road until Santa Engracia. This population is impressive, located in the middle of a mountain we will enjoy extraordinary views, apart from the village fountain with water fresh and very good. The next leg of the course is the most simple and nice, because now we start down the road (uncrowded) which will lead to Talarn by the C-13. We will cross the first wine plantations and recovered fully productive. Depending on the season we can enjoy the spectacle of colors, brown and ocher in late summer, and the whole palette of greens in spring. Once caught the diversion of the C-13, we will make the last effort to reach the villa where insurance Talarn ahead with the best cuisine and service in the hostel Talarn.